Accepted Papers

Full Papers:
Plaintext-Checkable Encryption with Unlink-CCA Security in the Standard Model
Sha Ma and Qiong Huang

A Physical ZKP for Slitherlink: How to Perform Physical Topology-Preserving Computation
Pascal Lafourcade, Daiki Miyahara, Takaaki Mizuki, Tatsuya Sasaki and Hideaki Sone

KMO: Kernel Memory Observer to Identify Memory Corruption by Secret Inspection Mechanism
Hiroki Kuzuno and Toshihiro Yamauchi

Peel the Onion: Recognition of Android apps behind the Tor Network
Emanuele Petagna, Giuseppe Laurenza, Claudio Ciccotelli and Leonardo Querzoni

Accelerating Number Theoretic Transform in GPU Platform for qTESLA Scheme
Wai Kong Lee, Sedat Akleylek, Wun-She Yap and Bok-Min Goi

Secure Best Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits
Radu Ciucanu, Pascal Lafourcade, Marius Lombard-Platet and Marta Soare

Using IFTTT to Express and Enforce UCON Obligations
Antonio La Marra, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Mori, Athanasios Rizos and Andrea Saracino

Improving Signature Schemes with Tight Security Reductions
Tiong-Sik Ng, Syh-Yuan Tan and Ji-Jian Chin

Recovering Internal States of Grain-v1
Deepak Kumar Dalai and Santu Pal

Designing a Code Vulnerability Meta-Scanner
Raounak Benabidallah, Salah Sadou, Brendan Le Trionnaire and Isabelle Borne

Privacy Preserving Approach in Dynamic Social Network Data Publishing
Kamal Macwan and Sankita Patel

Evaluation of Software PUF Based on Gyroscope
Kazuhide Fukushima, Ayumu Yoshimura, Shinsaku Kiyomoto and Norikazu Yamasaki

Improved Digital Signatures Based on Elliptic Curve Endomorphism Rings
Xiu Xu, Chris Leonardi, Anzo Teh, David Jao, Kunpeng Wang, Wei Yu and Reza Azarderakhsh

Provably Secure Three-party Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange from RLWE
Chao Liu, Zhongxiang Zheng, Keting Jia and Qidi You

JSLess: A Tale of a Fileless Javascript Memory-Resident Malware
Sherif Saad, Farhan Mahmood, William Briguglio and Haytham Elmiligi

Identity-based Signature Scheme Secure in Ephemeral Setup and Leakage Scenarios
Łukasz Krzywiecki, Marta Słowik and Michał Szala

CATCHA: When Cats Track Your Movements Online
Prakash Shrestha, Nitesh Saxena, Ajaya Neupane and Kiavash Satvat

A Bitwise Logistic Regression using Binary Approximation and Real Number Division in Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Joon Soo Yoo, Jeong Hwan Hwang, Baek Kyung Song and Ji Won Yoon

GDPR-Compliant Reputation System Based on Self-Certifying Domain Signatures
Miroslaw Kutylowski, Jakub Lemiesz, Marta Słowik, Marcin Słowik, Kamil Kluczniak and Maciej Gębala

Defining a New Composite Cybersecurity Rating Scheme for SMEs
Andrew Rae and Asma Patel

White-Box Implementation of the KMAC Message Authentication Code
Jiqiang Lu, Zhigang Zhao and Huaqun Guo

Short Papers:
The (Persistent) Threat of Weak Passwords: Implementation of a Semi-Automatic Password-Cracking Algorithm
Chris Pelchen, David Jaeger, Christoph Meinel and Feng Cheng

A Novel and Comprehensive Evaluation Methodology for SIEM
Mahdieh Safarzadeh Vahed, Hossein Gharaee and Amir Hossein Panahi

Development Activities, Tools and Techniques of Secure Microservices Compositions
Peter Nkomo and Marijke Coetzee

Using Freivalds’ Algorithm to Accelerate Lattice-Based Signature Verifications
Arnaud Sipasseuth, Thomas Plantard and Willy Susilo

Generating Phishing Emails Using Graph Database
Nasim Maleki and Ali A. Ghorbani

Group-based Key Exchange Protocol based on Complete Decomposition Search Problem
Chang Seng Sin and Huey Voon Chen

Evaluating Intrusion Sensitivity Allocation with Support Vector Machine for Collaborative Intrusion Detection
Wenjuan Li, Weizhi Meng and Lam-For Kwok