Guest Lecture by Mr. Junya Yoshizaki:  Introduction to Blockchain Technology

CHAINTOPE is a company specializing blockchain technology development, IT consulting and system development. Services and platform offer by CHAINTOPE are based on blockchain technology. The talk is presented by Mr. Junya Yoshizaki, the COO of CHAINTOPE Sdn Bhd Malaysia on 3rd of October 2018 from 11 am to 12 pm at Room 309, KB block, UTAR. Mr Junya presented a comprehensive talk coverage on the following topics:


1.     Introduction to blockchain which covered the blockchain features, the underlying technology used in blockchain and the benefits of using blockchain.

2.     Blockchain/ICO which covered public vs private blockchain, the introduction to Blockchain 2.0 - Smart Contract and ICO, and finally on cryptocurrencies.

3.     The future of blockchain: Applications Beyond Currencies, Economics and Markets

·       Sharing economy

·       Logistics

·       Payment/Micro-payment

·       Financial

·       Medical data & Insurance

·       Dao

·       Energy sector

·       The connected world and blockchain: The fifth disruptive computing paradigm (secure IoT, M2M economy)

Some photos taken during the guest lecture: