ISPEC 2019


The 15th International Conference on Information Security Practice and Experience (ISPEC 2019) was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 26-28, 2019, and hosted by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia.

The ISPEC conference series is an established forum that brings together researchers and practitioners to provide a confluence of new information security technologies, including their applications and their integration with IT systems in various vertical sectors. In previous years, ISPEC has taken place in Singapore (2005), Hangzhou, China (2006), Hong Kong, China (2007), Sydney, Australia (2008), Xi'an, China (2009), Seoul, Korea (2010), Guangzhou, China (2011), Hangzhou, China (2012), Lanzhou, China (2013), Fuzhou, China (2014), Beijing, China (2015), Zhangjiajie, China (2016), Melbourne, Australia (2017) and Tokyo, Japan (2018). All the ISPEC papers were published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

Acceptance into the conference proceedings is very competitive. This year the conference received 68 anonymous submissions from 24 countries across 5 regions. All the submissions were reviewed by experts in the relevant areas on the basis of their significance, novelty, technical quality, and practical impact. After careful reviews and intensive discussions by at least three reviewers, 21 full papers and 7 short papers were selected from 19 countries (Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States) for presentation at the conference and inclusion in this Springer volume, with an acceptance rate of 31%. The accepted papers cover multiple topics in information security, from technologies to systems and applications. This state of affairs reflects the fact that the research areas covered by ISPEC are important to modern computing, where increased security, trust, safety, and reliability are required.

ISPEC 2019 was made possible by the joint effort of numerous people and organizations worldwide. There is a long list of people who volunteered their time and energy to put together the conference and who deserve special thanks. First and foremost, we are deeply grateful to all 75 PC members led by two Programme Co-Chairs (Prof. Javier Lopez from University of Malaga, Spain, and Prof. Swee-Huay Heng from Multimedia University, Malaysia) for their hard task of reading, commenting, debating and finally selecting the papers. We are indebted to the PC’s collective knowledge, wisdom and effort, and we have learned a lot from the experience. The committee also used external reviewers to extend the expertise and ease the burden. We wish to thank all of them for assisting the PC in their particular areas of expertise. It was a truly nice experience to work with such talented and hard-working researchers. We also would like to express our appreciation to the keynote speakers: Prof. Chris Mitchell (University of London, UK), Assoc. Prof. Hongjun Wu (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Dr. Tieyan Li (Huawei, Singapore).

We are also very grateful to all the people whose work ensured a smooth organization process: Honored Chair Bok-Min Goi, General Chair Wun-She Yap, Local Chair Denis C.K. Wong, Finance Chair Yee-Kai Tee, Sponsorship Chair Wai-Kong Lee, Web Chair Ji-Jian Chin, Publicity Co-Chairs Weizhi Meng, Shifeng Sun and Donghong Qin. Also thanks to Anna Kramer for her help in the edition of the proceedings.

Last but certainly not least, our thanks go to all the authors, the attendees, and the sponsor Huawei International. The conference is also supported by the Malaysian Society for Cryptology Research (MSCR) and Guangxi University for Nationalities, China.

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