Industry Grant by NextLabs

Duration: July 2017 - June 2018

Team: Yap Wun She (Leader), Tee Yee Kai, Lee Wai Kong, Goi Bok Min, Madhavan, Tay Yong Haur and Victor Tan 

Description: Consists of two machine learning related projects, i.e., predicting user behaviour and document classification. This grant funded three postgraduate students. Research outputs include software prototypes, possibilities of patent and publications. More importantly, this is the first grant received from industry for CCS.

Click here: Presentation Slides of ICOIN 2018

External  Grant by MOHE FRGS

Duration: Aug 2017 - July 2019

Team: Denis Wong Chee Keong (Leader), Lee Wai Kong, Yap Wun She, Goi Bok Min, Chia Gek Ling, Ang Miin Huey

Title: Code- and Lattice-Based Signature Scheme Defined Over Extra Special p-group

Description: It is our strong belief that the use of extra special p-group algebra is an equivalent if not potentially stronger form than LWE over ring as group algebra is a more general algebraic structure compare to polynomial ring used in LWE over ring. To demonstrate that our scheme has good performance, we will present some experimental results which are based on a software implementation.

External  Grant by MOHE FRGS

Duration: Oct 2016 - July 2019

Team: Goi Bok Min (Leader), Chang Yoong Choon, Chai Tong Yuen, Lee Sze Wei

Title: Versatile Coding-Independent Authentic Video Sharing Based on Transcoding-Resillient Watermarking

Description: To be updated

External  Grant by MOHE FRGS

Duration: Aug 2016 - Dec 2018

Team:  Chai Tong Yuen (Leader), Goi Bok Min, Tay Yong Haur

Title: Iris Localization, Segmentation and Recognition Framework Under Non-Cooperative and Less Constrained Environment

Description: To be updated

External  Grant by MOSTI Science Fund

Duration: April 2015 - Sept 2017

Team:  Yap Wun She (Leader), Goi Bok Min, Jin Zhe, Tan Syh Yuan, Heng Swee Huay

Title: Design and Development of a New Symmetric Key Generation: Application to Multi-Factor Authentication Solution

Description: This is a multi-institution grant involving UTAR and MMU. This grant funded two master students in the area of biometric security. Both students proposed template protection techniques based on voice and fingerprint biometrics. Research outputs had been published in Pattern Recognition, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, IET Communications, Computers & Security, etc. An additional grant was also secured by Jin Zhe from Nanchang Hangkong University, China.

Click here for presentation slides of Cryptology2016, Invited Talk at Monash 

Internal  Grant by UTARRF

Duration: Dec 2016 - May 2018

Team:  Tee Yee Kai (Leader), Yap Wun She, Kwan Ban Hoe, Hum Yan Chai

Title: Audio Recovery via Subtle Vibration in the Video: A Feasibility Study of Visual Microphone

Description: The team will develop an algorithm that is capable of extracting the subtle vibrations from the surface of objects and convert the motion information back to audible sound using the Eulerian phased-based approach.