February 2018: Invited Speaker Prof. Geog Illies from OTH Regensburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Geog Illies was invited to deliver two talks at UTAR Sungai Long Campus on 26th and 27th February 2018. These two talks were entitled "An Overview of Side-Channel Attacks against ECC and Countermeasures" and "Mathematical tools for the analysis of collision attacks".

Prof. Dr. Geog lllies received his Ph.D. degree at University of Munster, Germany. After post-doctoral stays at the Universities of Aachen and Siegen (Germany), Exeter (UK) and the IHES (France).His research specialized in cryptography and information security. He worked for the German Federal Office for Information Security for several years. Currently, he is a professor for the mathematics at the University of Applied Sciences (OTH) at Regensburg, Germany.

The objectives of this event are to:

1.      To provide the knowledge of security level of elliptic curve cryptography.

2.      To present the idea of typical side-channel attacks and appropriate countermeasures.

3.      To brief the mathematical tools in generating functions of several variables.

4.      To demonstrate the cryptanalytic search algorithm for analysis of collision attack.

5.      To explore research collaboration with MMU and OTH Regensburg in the area of cryptography.