Invited Talk by Dr. Ang Miin Huey on Post Quantum Cryptography: Code-Based Cryptosystem (McEliece Cryptosystem)   

Date: Friday, 6 August 2021

Time: 2.00pm - 3.00pm

Speaker: Dr. Ang Miin Huey received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from National University of Singapore, Singapore. Her research focuses on Algebraic Error Correcting Codes and Algebraic Design Theory, particularly on problems in the theory of group ring codes, different sets and wighting matrices. She also interested on problems in algebraic cryptography theory and Creative way to train High Order Thinking Skill in Mathematics Teaching. She is currently an associate professor in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Abstract: Cryptography is the study of secret writing by converting ordinary plain text into unintelligible text called cipher text. Classical cryptography including Public Key Cryptography (Asymmetric Cryptography) and Hybrid Cryptography (Private + Public Key Cryptography), relies on the high computational difficulty of factorizing large number to provide the security of a system. However, a functioning processor of a quantum computer is capable of threatening all current popular PKCs due to its one way functions which are no longer one way under quantum computing.  With the emergence of post-quantum cryptograph, there are PKCs implemented using hard mathematical problems that are found to be quantum resistant such as the McEliece code-based cryptosystem. Until today, original McEliece PKC still have no attack known to give a serious threat to it even on a quantum computer. The only weakness of McEliece PKC is that it’s public key size is too large.  A few modification have been made on original McEliece scheme to reduce the key size but proven to be insecure. The modifications proposed by Kobara and Imai in 2001 is known to be successful as both are CCA2-secure.

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