MoU Signing between Chaintope and UTAR

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between UTAR and Chaintope Sdn Bhd Malaysia, with the aim of exploring areas of potential collaboration. The signatories for the MoU were UTAR President Ir Prof Academician Dato’ Dr Chuah Hean Teik and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Chaintope Sdn Bhd Malaysia Hideki Shoda, while the witnesses were UTAR Vice President for R&D and Commercialisation Prof Ts Dr Faidz bin Abd Rahman and Junya. Through the MoU, both Chaintope Malaysia Sdn Bhd and UTAR will work closely to develop collaborations in the blockchain technology and related activities while enhancing the mutual understanding and learning experience in exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Besides, the discussion between both parties was made on 18 September 2018, with the presence of Chaintope Malaysia Sdn Bhd CEO Hideki, COO Junya, Software Engineer Jimmy Tee, UTAR Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research of Sungai Long Campus Deputy Director Assoc Prof Ts Dr Ezra Morris Abraham Gnanamuthu, LKC FES Deputy Dean for R&D and Postgraduate Programmes-cum-Centre for Cyber Security Chairperson Ts Dr Yap Wun She.  

The long-term plans and activities are including

Curriculum review:

Chaintope will organize crash courses on the following topics and also give some constructive feedbacks on UTAR existing academic subjects such as iOS app development and Web app so that students/lecturers could explore/understand on how to build a blockchain applications from sketch.  

1. Front-end mobile app development (Android & iOS)

2. Web app (Javascript, Html & CSS)

3. Decentralised app (DApp)


Attachment for lecturers:

Invite lecturers from UTAR to conduct joint research with Chaintope Malaysia Sdn Bhd on blockchain area. Focusing on fintech sector & non-fintech sector in which blockchain technology is applicable.


Internship and Final Year Project:

While conduct joint research program with UTAR lecturers, Chaintope will involve students with good technical background to participate into part of the company research project as their final year project. In addition, students could apply to Chaintope Malaysia Sdn Bhd for their internship program.


Guest speaker for events:

From time to time, Chaintope will share our experience as a blockchain company to the university to induce/stimulate students/lecturers to explore on the new emerging technology like blockchain.


Blockchain society:

To build a blockchain society among students to organise more events/activities in UTAR in a more effective manner. At the same time, this would encourage students to be more active in co-curriculum activities and give them more opportunities in organising grand events such as hackathon and international conferences hosted by UTAR.